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Finding the Right Denim for YOU

Jun 14th 2018

Heading out to look for a new pair of jeans? Groaning about it? Because as many have experienced, finding the right pair of jeans is a major chore that always required an entire day of looking, trying on, which yielded more groans, and, way too often, no new jeans. Chantilly Blue has been helping all sorts of women find premium denim for almost 13 years. We understand women's bodies, and we listen! We listen to a client, and we strive to understand her preferences, her lifestyle, her concerns. After that, it's literally a 10-15 minute deal. Let's back it up a little (no pun intended). We've all seen stylists on the morning news shows explaining how to find the right jeans for your body. Or we've read features in style magazines that showcase similar suggestions and options. There's just one problem with those features: Those stylists aren't looking at YOU! They make suggestions, but the average jean shopper is still without any true, realistic direction for finding what works! Those features tend to categorize. Pear shaped, hourglass, high rise, mid-rise, etc. What I do is highly individualized. So often women come into the shop and say that their friend swears by a particular brand of denim. And it's wonderful to find that connection. However, what fits a friend may not necessarily fit you. Proportions, shape, musculature, all fit into the formula for what will fit a woman best. We take a good look at a woman's body, and we ask questions about what a woman prefers. We fit a jean to the woman, not the other way around. Even size is confusing when shopping for denim. One manufacturer may size 25-32, another 1-12, etc. We ask that you let me worry about the sizing. It's my job! And I take it very seriously! I've even fit women long distance. It definitely works best with photos, and an in depth phone call. And it usually yields success! But one thing is certain: I am completely 100% committed to honesty in assessing how a jean looks on a woman. I want you to LOVE how you look! And if I think we haven't found it, then I'll say so and move to make it right. To do that, I have to see the jean on you. Sometimes, women will take them off immediately and say, "they didn't fit." But I need to see and understand what she didn't like about the fit or the fabric or whatever it is she didn't like. I need to see where they didn't fit in order to correct that issue with a different garment. So I always say, "let me see them on you, even if you hate them." I'm not being nosy or controlling. I'm doing my job! And working at making your life easier. I usually get it right within the first pair or two. And if it takes me longer, I'm known to apologize for that. You must also remember that I can't read your mind. Even if I find a great look and fit for you, if you don't know what you want, I can't decide for you. Having a general idea is a good beginning, and we can work from there. Trend is another oft-mentioned topic by my clientele. Women often ask, "what's the new thing in jeans?" I always answer, "what fits." Stil, if it's a first pair of premium denim, I usually recommend going with an extremely versatile pair of jeans. Going straight to trend can be tricky. If you're a denim-aholic, (like me), then trend can be fun. And not all trends work for all women. Super flares? They come and go every few years, and the recent trend has been a very high rise. If it's a really trendy trend, I usually recommend buying kess expensive. It will likely be an outcast in a season or two. And it's worth saying -- a super flare looks best on a tall woman. Sometimes, as a shorty, I long to wear some styles that my height simply makes look silly. Our bodies are our reality. And we all have things about our bodies that we would like to be different. I can help find a look to make the most of what she has. I cannot, however, change how a woman sees herself. None of us is perfect. Remember the Dove commercial that showed a model whose photo on a billboard looked nothing like the woman after photoshopping? It makes me crazy. Holding up a completely unrealistic standard for women. It's wrong. I help you work with what you have: maximize the positive, minimize the less positive (which we all do have). A few years back, Kate Middleton was photographed wearing an ankle skinny jean. I had them in store. The very same jean. Women came in and wanted them. By the dozens. And the majority of those women wanted it to look like it did on Kate, but they were completely different body types from the tall, leggy, slender Kate. So if a trend is your thing? I support that. But be realistic. And honest. :) My message to you is that there is a good fit for pretty much everyone. I can help.