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Seasonal Transition... Summer to Fall

Aug 24th 2018

It felt like summer was never going to arrive. And it seems like it's going by in the blink of an eye. The weather is still warm and wonderful, for the most part. Fall doesn't happen in a flash. Days of mild temps and warm sunshine are happily enjoyed, well into September. I remember going shopping for school clothes as a kid. I only wanted to wear my fall clothes, even though it was still 80+ degrees when school began. Fall style doesn't necessarily mean you have to go straight to sweaters. It can be a gradual transition, just like the seasons themselves. It can means lightweight longer sleeves instead of tank tops. It can mean pairing a pair of light wash denim with a darker top. It can mean simply darkening your color palette. Wearing a black tank instead of a pastel shade. Adding a layer for morning and evening. But remember: it's Transition. Gradual. Comfortable and also wearable. Real clothes for your real life. It's what we do at Chantilly Blue! Enjoy! -Lisa