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Shopping in Boutiques Need Not be Scary... :)

Jul 21st 2018

Boutique Shopping. I've always loved shopping independent boutiques. Finding unique styles that I love. It made perfect sense for me back in 2005 when I opened Chantilly Blue. Now I could share my love for boutique shopping! l learned something fairly soon: Many women feel uncomfortable in boutiques. These women want to shop in anonymity. They don't want to be helped. They sometimes have felt pressured into buying in boutiques. And I have to say, I respect this, and I also completely understand. I have shopped boutiques where I felt pressured, where I had a sales associate standing behind me telling me how amazing something looked, even when I hated what I had tried on. I was completely committed to non-pressure sales. But how to convince those boutique-o-phobics that Chantilly Blue was different? Patience, word of mouth, honesty, and zero pressure for all who entered. It took some time, but gradually, I have learned to read the signs -- some women want to be completely left alone. I honor that. Until that woman wants to try something on. At that point, I let her know that I am here to help. And that if she wants my thoughts, then she should be ready for a TOTALLY HONEST assessment of whatever she's trying on. And even if I think it's great on her, she's got to love it, or it ought not to be purchased. These are my very words. The words I have spoken countless times over the past 13 years. And I mean it. So if you have found yourself uncomfortable in a boutique setting, fret not. You can rest assured that if you don't want help from me, I will respect that. I want you to find what you love to wear here at Chantilly Blue. Because that's what I love to do! Check out the new additions to our Vlog! Next week, it's all about sizing! And I'll follow that up with some words here, too! Find what's new on instagram and Facebook...